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Visa Processing

We assist you at every stage in getting you a Visa. We go to great lengths to ensure that your visa applications are made out correctly, in every minute detail.

To apply for a student visa you must submit your visa application at the nearest High Commission or Embassy in your home country. Your application with all the required documents and visa fee will be accepted and put up for decision to an officer from the nearest visa issuing centre of the High Commission or Embassy. Usually they High Commission or Embassy aims to make decisions on visa applications within 2 working days, although this may take slightly longer during the busy periods. If an interview is required then the application process will take longer and you are therefore advised to apply for your visa at least 1 month before your course commences.

If your application is fully prepared, and accompanied by relevant documentary evidence of your circumstances, you may be issued a visa without an interview.

However, generally students may not require an interview (subject to changes in visa regulations for different countries) if they have:

  • Travelled to the US, Australia, New Zealand. Canada, Switzerland or Schengen countries within the last five years and have evidence of this travel
  • Prepaid 100% of their tuition fees and have a receipt to prove it.

If no interview is required, your passport would be returned to the application centre, or couriered to you, within two working days or you may be asked to come and collect it. If however, you are called for an interview, you are likely to get an appointment on the next working day. This might slip during exceptionally busy periods.

The student is likely to be called for an interview if he has:

  • Been refused a visa for the UK or for any other country, unless he has subsequently obtained a visa for that country
  • Been refused entry to Australia, UK or any other country
  • Failed to comply with the conditions of entry to the coutnry, or sought an extension of stay there.


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