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What makes UK education world class?

Study in UK

The UK education system attracts students from all over the world for many reasons, including: Academic excellence. British education is innovative and up to date. Studetns are not simply taught a subject, they learn to think. It's an active learning process. They are expected to:

  • read widely
  • research topics thoroughly
  • ask questions
  • contribute to discussions
  • develop their own ideas.

The approach is also personalised. In many institutions, students are assigned an individual tutor, who provides tailored academic guidance.


There are over 1,000 educatoinal institutions here, each with their own character and strengths. With this many institutions, there are thousands of courses on offer, ranging from academic and vocational to pure research.


You'll find a commitment to quality at all levels of the educatoin system. Most qualifications offered in the UK are subject to stric quality standards overseen by government-appointed agencies.

Value for money

Although annual course fees in the UK may look a little higher than annual fees in other countries, the total cost of your studies can still be lower because courses tend to be shorter and more intensive than equivalent ones elsewhere.

This means you'll have a shorter period of time for which to pay fees and living expenses, and an earlier start to your career - and your income.

Students in the UK also enjoy free medical treatment through the National Health Service (subject to certain conditions) and an extensive range of discounts negotiated by the National Union of Students on behalf of its members.

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