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If you are hoping for a scholarship to help pay your studies, then plan to start making enquiries and applications at least a year in advance. The chance of arranging a scholarship or bursary or major funding after arrival in the UK is minimal.

Scholarships and Grants for Your Uk Education

Most scholarships in the UK are available for postgraduate study and for research although there are a few for undergraduate study.

There are three main types of scholarship on offer:

Institutional Scholarships
Most universities and colleges offer scholarships, usually for postgraduate study. The number and value of institution scholarships will vary btween universities. Some awards, such as music scholarships, are only available for specific areas of study.
British Government Scholarships
The UK Government is keen to share the expertise of its institutions through scholarships paid to another government for its students, either directly or through the British Council. These include:
  • The Chevening Scholarship Scheme, which helps several thousand international students each year. These are mainly postgraduate students on Master's courses or students following short, specialised courses.
  • The Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plan, which helps Commonwealth students looking to do postgraduate research. They may also offer assistance if you want to do an undergraduate course that isn't offered in your own country.
  • The British Council Fellowship Programme for postgraduate study.
  • The Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme for postgraduate study.
  • The UK Department for International Development (DfID) Shard Scholarship Scheme for postgraduate study.

Other Scholarships

There are various other international organisations. EU schemes and voluntary agencies that award scholarships:

  • The World Health Organisation and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization offer schemes for students from developing countries
  • UK research councils offer financial assistance for research in the sciences or the humanities
  • Charities and trust funds offer small grantes in special curcumstances, eg financial hardship.

How To Apply

Contact your nearest Mentor Consultancy office for guidance on how to apply for scholarships

For further information, you can email us or leave a message in our online enquiry form

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