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There are scholarships available for International students from various New Zealand universities. The most important ones are listed below:

MFAT NZODA Postgraduate Scholarships

Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) the New Zealand government offers the following scholarships to students from some developing countries (including India).

Only citizens of certain countries (including India) are eligible. Also the guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicate that students from lower socio-economic backgrounds and those who are indigenous people of their country may be given preference. In awarding scholarships the Ministry seeks to maintain a balance between men and women students. The scholarship is intended to cover tuition fees, course related fees, international economy travel, establishment and living allowances.

Scholarship applications have to be accompanied by a one or two page rationale for the studentsí selection. This should describe the kind of work they are engaged in and the relevance of that work to the development of their country. The applicants should also outline the topic they are interested in studying and give an explanation of the value of their proposed course of study to the development of their country. If possible applicants should also attach a letter to their application from their employer. Two references are also required.

Currently the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade holds two scholarship rounds per year, the first in March and the second in September. Prospective applicants should ensure that their applications are submitted to the University by 31 January for the March round and by 31 July for the September round.

This scholarship applies only to those students who hold a recognised undergraduate degree. The Scholarships are very competitive and only students with excellent grades should apply.

The scholarships cover:

  • Course fees
  • Textbooks
  • Research costs
  • Return travel
  • An establishment grant
  • Living allowance
  • An allowance and one way airfare is also paid for dependents if the programme of study is longer than 18 months.

How to Apply

Contact your nearest Mentor Consultancy office for guidance on how to apply for scholarships.

You can also get some information from your local New Zealand High Commission office.

If you still have questions, you can email us or leave a message in our online enquiry form.

Perhaps your question will be answered in our FAQ.