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Club d' Mentor

Mentor's Alumni Club

Mentor Consultancy has several alumni representatives to assist graduates in linking with other alumni in their location, profession, or interest area. Through these representatives, members can participate in social and career networking activities and take on leadership roles. Membership is free.

Make the most of the opportunities that networking can provide. Become involved and enjoy the benefits!

Alumni Benefits

Club D'Mentor provides services to past students of Mentor Consultancy. Alumni staff work to establish and maintain connections with alumni; help alumni network with other graduates in Australia, UK and New Zealand; promote alumni achievements; support alumni with the information and contacts they need for life-long learning. These services are provided through alumni networks, events and seminars, alumni communications, and an on-line directory.

Members of Club D'Mentor can access the following benefits:

  • Join the on-line Alumni Directory
  • By joining the on-line Alumni Directory, alumni can network with other graduates around the world.
  • Search the Directory to find former classmates or make new contacts.
  • Read items and post messages on the Alumni Message Board
  • Alumni can share news and ideas with other graduates through the on-line Message Board.
  • Be kept informed about opportunities for life-long learning
  • Alumni receive e-mail updates about relevant, short courses and postgraduate study opportunities.

Access to Mentor's Alumni Networks

When Mentor students successfully complete thier course, they automatically become members of the Club D'Mentor community and gain access to alumni services and networks.

Receive monthly alumni e-newsletter

Alumni with e-mail access are sent the monthly e-mail newsletter Mentor News containing alumni news and updates about activities and services relevant to Mentor alumni.

Receive e-mail updates

Alumni are sent targetted e-mail messages about events, seminars and resources relevant to their study area or profession.

Career advice

University graduates are highly employable. Mentor assists alumni to achieve career satisfaction and success.

Mentor Library

The Mentor Library support for students does not end once they have graduated. Alumni are entitled to membership of Mentor Library at reduced rates. This entitles alumni to borrow four items at a time from the general collections for a period of one week. Show proof of graduate status to access these.

Contact the Alumni Relations Team

Contact us to suggest other ways we can support Mentor alumni.

It is hoped that our students will retain a strong affinity for Mentaor and a desire to stay in contact with the us and fellow alumni.

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